“The most important thing you can do to change the course of history on our planet is to

heal yourself of limiting and diminishing thoughts about yourself. Create a vibrant and healthy

relationship with yourself. It will change everything in your world, and mine.”

WhiteEagle Woman - 
Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings


13th - 15th of January 2021

Schweibenalp - Zentrum der Einheit





In a world where opposite powers play on their edges,

we are calling you to a ceremony of unity.

What we see outside of us, also lives inside of us. 

Thus the change starts within, while we move from the the I to the WE. 

We will share powerful tools which will change your journey,

both on an individual and on a comunnity level.

This is not a workshop, nor is it a seminar.

It is our belief that passing on ancient knowledge requires a meaningful and

extraordinary way, hence a ceremony.

A ceremony to recall the ancient wisdom of the circle

as a concept of wholeness and healing. 

"Whenbecomes we

illness becomes wellness."

Our intention with this ceremony is to create an understanding of the universal energies and experience the power of being mindful and aware.


⋅◈⋅ connect with nature ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ relax and open your heart ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ learn to harness the power of emotion ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ get practical tools to expand your awareness ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ strengthen your inner balance and receive inner guidance ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ discover the medicine and healing within you ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ deepen into the concept of wholeness ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ feel surrounded by community ⋅◈⋅

⋅◈⋅ have fun !!! ⋅◈⋅

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Who we are

We are a group of thirteen people from three different continents, who are together undertaking a three year journey called the Council Guide Training. 


We each came to this training for different reasons, though we all share a desire to bring more beauty into this world. We are committed to growing our awareness and potential as individuals and as members of tribes, circles, families and communities. Together, we learn to walk this path of the “Sacred Human” as we call it, living into our Power with respect for all Life. The individuals in this tribe not only come from different continents but also from a variety of different professional backgrounds, including  

entrepreneurs, students, coaches, dancers, researchers, journalists, facilitators, project managers, yogis, natural resources engineer - and each and everyone of us brings their own precious gifts and wisdom.


We are looking forward to expanding our circle with your presence and guide you through this experience. 

Tobias, Dana, Laura, Ramon, Sandra, WeavingRivers, Narcisa,

Chandrika, Sascha, Vera, Julie, Dong Yang, Marlin

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Our Teaching Ceremony 

​Since two years we are walking the path of the Council Guide Training.


Individually and together as a tribe, we have learned and unlearned, we have stumbled and gotten up again a thousand times. We have become humble. We have become mirrors to each other. We have grown our Self-Respect and Self-Responsibility and keep practicing daily to truly become the Authors of our lives.


Finally our time has come to share what we learned.

Our next ceremony is our 7th and dedicated to passing on the wisdom to others.


For this reason we invite you to our Teaching Ceremony in which we share those tools we believe are most useful and life-changing in these challenging times of change.

Council Guide Training - General Information 

The Council Guide Training (CGT) is an intense almost three year long personal leadership training in which participants meet nine times for five-days ceremonies. In between ceremonies the participants dedicate themselves to integrate their personal learning into their daily lives. Alongside participants receive personal guidance from experienced teachers and guides. 


As a participant in the CGT you are given tools on how to lead yourself and others, how to make decisions and how to move like a tribe. These ancient tools are powerful maps of consciousness for growth and healing of individuals and groups - as well as for leading and co-creating.

WhiteEagleWoman, Keeper of the Delicate Lodge Teachings from New Mexixo (US), is leading this CGT supported by an international team of Council Guides. 

The Council Guide Training comes from the tradition of the

Delicate Lodge Teachings. 


About the Delicate Lodge Teachings

The Council Guide Training is part of the Delicate Lodge Teachings, which are an ancient wisdom path of the Americas. It is said that they have been taught for over 35'000 years. This ancient knowledge has been transmitted orally throughout all these times and kept adapting to to serve the humans in their circumstances. 

It flourished among the Mayans and Toltecs and those who walked before them, It is the basis of many indigenous North, Central and South American native understandings, and is evidenced in cultures like the ancient peoples of Chaco Canyon and the Mound Builders of Mississippi.

Both profound and highly practical, these teachings from the oral traditions of indigenous peoples of the Americas show us what is needed for humans to live together in harmony while at the same time honoring individual freedom and self authority. The ”Old Ones” taught from the deep knowing that we are innately Sacred Beings not separate from "All Our Relations"... ”All That Is” .

 WhiteEagle Woman 

WhiteEagle Woman is a Keeper of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, a body of teachings that moved through ancient cultures indigenous to the Americas. She has spent 13 years in apprenticeship incorporating and mastering. Since she is teaching this ancient body of Medicine knowledge with the founders of Ehama Institute, taking responsibility to assist in creating cultures of harmony and respect for all of life.

In her lifetime, her journey has included building and fostering circles of people gathering around this wisdom in Europe, the United Kingdom, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and in the United States. 

White Eagle has worked with organizations teaching about balanced decision making, the medicine way of leadership, visioning, and by assisting them to create work places of deeply dedicated people who feel valued. She takes people and organizations on experiential journeys to establish self-authority, self-respect, and honor for the self, one another and our Earth.


WhiteEagle Woman will be present with us throughout the whole Ceremony.  



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Your experience 

Welcome to the Depth of the Circle’s Wisdom 


This winter Ceremony invites you to a grounding, spiritual and very practical experience. The Delicate Lodge, which is a tradition of Native American tribes, is an ancient way to explore and to remember the strengths we hold as human beings. The ceremony, which we have designed in passion for you and for these times, has a lot to offer in these challenging times of change and uncertainty. 

The ceremony “Wisdom of the Circle” will teach you powerful tools that you can apply easily in your daily life. These tools allow you to move with a greater capacity for self-authorship and self-responsibility, taking the action needed to become the author of the life you want to live.

We enter into the first day of this Ceremony with the new moon, with an evening celebration of this cycle of new beginnings and the coming of light. In the mornings, we invite your participation in joyful morning practices. 


Day One - Wednesday:

We start our ceremony at 10.30 and first enjoy a wonderful introduction by WhiteEagleWoman before we'll explore and connect with nature.

This day you'll get to hear about the eight powers of the human.

In the evening there will be an evening around the fire before we enter

the Dreamtime tin this new moon night. .

Day Two - Thursday:

In the morning we invite you to join us for a joyful morning practice.

This day is dedicated to discover the 8 Power Shields within you.

Day Three - Friday:

In the morning we invite you again to join us for a joyful morning practice. By now you have already become familiar with the way of the council and will receive a powerful tool to harness the power of your emotions. After lunch we will have a closing.

The ceremony ends around 16.00. 


After the Ceremony:

We will arrange two tribe calls to have a check-in on how you are integrating the tools in your daily life.

We invite you to join us with your curiosity!

Be prepared to have a powerful and meaningful experience. 

If you have any questions, please contact us, we are very happy to receive your questions! 

We are looking foreward for you to join the “Wisdom of the Circle”.


What you might get out of this Ceremony


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The center of the unity Schweibenalp is located in the Bernese Oberland at 1100 meters, overlooking the turquoise Lake Brienz.

As a living and working community, they are hosts of the  seminar center and maintain the permaculture gardens. It is also part of the Global Ecovillage network and has been contributing to the development of a holistic lifestyle and universal spirituality for over 35 years.


It is recommended to travel to Schweibenalp with public transportation as there is only limited parking and in winter time snow chains are necessary.


By train via Lucerne – Brünig or Berne – Interlaken to Brienz. Take the bus at the railway station that goes to „Axalp“. Get off at the bus stop „Bramisegg“.

From there a gravel road leads about 800 m through the forest and over a bridge above the Giessbach (stream).

On request there is a pick up service (between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) from the railway station in Brienz (CHF 35.–) or for free from the bus stop „Bramisegg“.

You can easily check your railway schedule on www.sbb.ch.


The closest airport is Zurich-Kloten. It is a 2:45h train ride.


From A8 take the exit „Brienz“.

If you are coming from Interlaken: follow the first road to the right in the direction AXALP.

GPS data of Schweibenalp is: 46.729594  8.0228760

It is also possible to park the car in Brien and take the Bus or use our shuttle service from there.


COVID Situation in Switzerland

The Coronavirus is an omnipresent topic these days and it is inevitable to have a good strategy in place to hold a ceremony like ours. We have and are monitoring the situation on a regular basis and gathering the latest information. Precautionary measures are being taken by the venue Schweibenalp as well as from us and the way we intend to hold the ceremony. 


No upcoming events at the moment


Your investment for this amazing Ceremony is:

490 CHF/  460 EURO

Early Bird till December 13th:

400 CHF/ 375 EURO

Student Prize:

355 CHF / 330 EURO

If you want to join the Ceremony with your work team or community,

please approach us, we can craft a Ceremony adapted to your needs. 

Costs for your accomandation, meals/food and travel are not included.

Please book your stay directly with Schweibenalp. 

To book at Schweibenalp 

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Do you have any questions?

We love questions and we are happy to answer your questions!

Please contact us at: info@wisdom-circle.com

Or fill in the form below. 

You can also find us on FB and invite your friends to the Ceremony. 

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